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**POTENTIAL CREDIT**: Students who complete an alternative book assignment in addition to their book test may replace a quiz grade with the alternative book assignment grade. This is due by December 11.

Wordy Wednesday Quiz #6 over Lessons 12 & 13 December 8.

Book test #4 is due by December 8.

Notebooks are due December 15.

ACT Test Dates

February 10           Sign up by January 5     

April 14                  Sign up by March 9        

Article of the Week annotations are due at the beginning of class each Friday!

Assigned Book Levels:

                                             AP Junior English: 6.0

                                   Junior English: 5.5

                                   Senior English: 6.0

Books must be on assigned level. If a test is taken over a book that is not on assigned level and the student did not talk to Mrs. VanCamp before taking the test, the grade will not count and could ultimately result in a 0 for the book test grade.

Book Test Due Dates:    September 15

                                         October 9

                                         November 6

                                         December 8

Students must get a total of 10 points per 9 weeks. They must read at least 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction texts per semester for their AR book tests. For books that are on assigned level that do not have book tests, see my alternative book test assignments page. *Alternative book test assignments will be worth 5 points.

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