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Lena VanCamp

                                                  Upcoming Important Dates                                             

          February 23        Wordy Wednesday Quiz Lessons 18 & 19                              

          February 26         Crucible and Macbeth Papers Due                                                   

         March 7              Junior ACT                                                                             

                                                   Upcoming ACT Test Dates                                              

         March 7                  ACT Administered by Dierks High School                      

         April 14                  Sign up by March 9                                                           

Assigned Book Levels:

AP Junior English: 6.0

Junior English: 5.5

Senior English: 6.0

Books must be on assigned level. If a test is taken over a book that is not on assigned level and the student did not talk to Mrs. VanCamp before taking the test, the grade will not count and could ultimately result in a 0 for the book test grade.

                                                Upcoming Book Test Dates                                               

         February 23                          February 23                                                   

         April 14                  Sig by     March 26                                                        

         April 14                  Sign up   April 20                                                          

         April 14                  Sign up bMay 18                                                           

Students must get a total of 10 points per 9 weeks. They must read at least 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction texts per semester for their AR book tests. For books that are on assigned level that do not have book tests, see my alternative book test assignments page. *Alternative book test assignments will be worth 5 points.

Lena VanCamp

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