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Shurley English Help

Shurley English Terms, Questions and Labels

(These are terms that might be helpful as the year goes on when helping your child with Shurley English)

Five parts of a complete sentence. (Subject, verb, complete sense, capital letter and end mark.

  • Nouns:  Name of a person, place or thing…Question: Who? Or What? To find the subject in a sentence… Marked with a: SN (Subject Noun)
  • Verbs:  Actions… Question: What is being said about the subject? Marked with a: V (Verb)
  • Adverbs: Modify or describe a verb, adjective, or another adverb…Question: How? When? Where? Marked with an: Adv (Adverb)
  • Adjective:  Modify or describe a noun or pronoun… Question:  What kind? Which one? How many? Marked with an: Adj (Adjective)
  • Article Adjective: A, an, the… Marked with an: A (Article Adjective)
  • Preposition: Join words in a sentence… Question:  What or whom if the answer is a noun or pronoun the word is a preposition.  Mark with a: P (Preposition)
  • Object of Preposition: Prepositions always have an object… A noun or pronoun that answers the what? or whom? question is the object of the preposition… Marked with an: OP (Object of the Preposition)

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