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Semester Test Policy


December 20th & 21st

Thursday – December 20th

1st Period:  8:00-9:15

3rd Period:  9:20-10:35

5th Period:  10:40-11:55

Lunch:  11:55-12:40

7th Period:  12:45-2:00

  • Exempt students who are on campus must report to their assigned teachers & classrooms for the entire period.

  • Students may only be checked out at the end of each period.

  • Any students who remain on campus will report to the cafeteria from 2:00 until the end of the school day.  

Friday – December 21st

2nd Period:  8:00-9:15

4th Period:  9:20-10:35

6th Period:  10:40-11:55

Lunch:  11:55-12:40

8th Period:  12:45-2:00


Semester Test Policy:

Semester Test Exemptions:

A. Students in grades 7-12 with:

   "A" semester average in that class with 3 or less absences

   "B" semester average in that class with no more than 2 absences.

   "C" semester average in that class with no more than 1 absence.

B. Students with in-school-suspension or out-of-school suspension will NOT be exempt from semester tests.

C. Student in special ed/resource room classes may be exempted by the special ed teacher.

**Students with 1 unexcused absence will take the semester test(s) in the class(es) with the unexcused absence(s



Vicky Neal

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Vicky Neal

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May 1, 2019

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You can have access to your students grades 24/7.  If you do not have a username and password for HAC (Home Access Center), please check with the office, and one will be provided for you. 

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