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This course will introduce students to the basic concepts of economics and financial literacy then build on those topics to provide a more in-depth study of wealth management and personal financial planning. Components of financial planning and strategies used in the accumulation and conservation of wealth will be the focus. Strategies for investing, tax, insurance, and retirement planning, as well as estate planning will be studied. In addition, basics of business financial planning will also be discussed, including the purpose and use of financial statements in making business decisions.


Betsy Mack

Upcoming Events

Betsy Mack

Thanksgiving Break

November 19th-23rd

Christmas Break

December 24th-Jan 4th

Winter Break

February 15th-18th

P/T Conference

March 14th  (4:00-6:30)


Spring Break

March 15th-22nd

Last Day of School

May 22nd

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