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It is time once again for Senior’s to order Sr. pages for the yearbook. If you would like to order a page please click the following link. https://s3.amazonaws.com/scschoolfiles/506/sr_yearbook_page_letter.pdf


Who’s Who 2017-2018

Mr. DHS: Brayden Kirby, 1st ru: Jarett Fox, 2nd ru: Dustyn Golden, 3rd ru: Blake Bradshaw

Miss DHS: Destiny Nutt, 1st ru: Miranda Mack, 2nd ru: Tie Faith Bolding and Alison Kitchens, 3rd ru: Hannah Ellis

Most Handsome: Blayn Turner, 1st ru: Brayden Kirby, 2nd ru: Blake Bradshaw, 3rd ru: Jarett Fox

Most Beautiful: Miranda Mack, 1st ru: Faith Bolding, 2nd ru: Destiny Nutt, 3rd ru: Alison Kitchens

Most Likely to be Remembered: Turner Reed, Alison Kitchens

Most School Spirited: Dustyn Golden, Destiny Nutt

Friendliest:  Dylan Tucker, Hannah Ellis

Most Bashful: Tristan Tompkins, Daniela Marquez

Best Personality: Turner Reed, Ashton Alexander

Wittiest: Dustyn Golden, Alison kitchens

Most Musical: Dustyn Golden, Heather Franklin

Best Dressed: Blayn Turner, Alison Kitchens

Most Athletic: Brayden Kirby, Destiny Nutt

Most Artistic: Aaron Bridwell, Heather Franklin

Most Likely to Succeed: Tristan Tompkins, Miranda Mack

Cutest: Blayn Turner, Faith Bolding

Prettiest Eyes: Tie: Blake Bradshaw, Jarett Fox, Faith Bolding

Most Courteous: Dylan Tucker, Machaila Green

Best Liked: Brayden Kirby, Miranda Mack

Teacher Vote:

Best School Citizen: Brayden Kirby, Destiny Nutt

Best All Around: Brayden Kirby, Destiny Nutt

Most Dependable: Brayden Kirby, Miranda Mack









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