April SOM

The elementary combined our March and April celebrations due to spring break. We had plenty to celebrate including the final results from our Read-a-thon fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who supported our students and goals to improve reading by donating. We raised $11,695 in just over two weeks! The school receives $8771.25 of those funds, which will be used for student needs including playground improvements. Bentley Jester raised the most money with $1145, and Logan Lee read the most time (1212 minutes). Ms. Kappus' class raised the most money ($1900), and Ms. Glasgow's class recorded the most minutes read.

Our March students of the month were K-1 Connley Heifner, 2-3 Hadley Mitchell, and 4-6 Stephanie Delgado. The April students of the month were K-1 Crimson Winer, 2-3 Jaylee Kesterson, and 4-6 Dallie Graham. Congratulations to these wonderful students and thank you for the positive example each of you set. Ms. Welch's class earned the title of having the highest attendance rate to date once again with Ms. Kappus' homeroom following closely in second place.