Mayes girls

   Since COVID-19 guidelines prevent the elementary school's monthly celebrations of  achievements, we have come up with different ways to highlight successes.  At the end of each nine weeks the top readers from each class who met their points goal will be eligible for a drawing. One top reader drawn from each hall will get to select a playground item for their class to use and keep in their name. Laila Mayes and Lanee Mayes were the winners from the first quarter. Lanee earned 15.2 points, and Laila earned 127.7 points.  "She gets her love of reading from me, " said Laila about her sister. 

   We have also added a book vending machine to our building. Students can collect reading points they have earned to purchase a book of their choice.  The book will be the child's to keep. We are still in the trial stage of this project, so more information will come soon.

   In addition to our weekly BLUE students being featured, we will have a monthly drawing from the group. Two names will be drawn, and the winners will be able to choose a playground item for their class to keep.